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Camera Critters


Laughing Hyena

This week's critter is a hyena and pup. This photo was taken in Kenya, and we stopped to watch the mother and three pups. Her burrow was right near the road. They're not the prettiest creatures, but they are interesting to watch. Hyenas aren't exactly common in...

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Bath Time

Meet Lucky, one of the roosters who lives at my father's farm. Lucky has lived at the farm since he was a chicken and there's a real story behind his name. My father has pigs. He gets food for them from various sources, mostly vegetable these days, but in the past...

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Fred & Wilma at the Quarry

My father rang us about a month ago very excited because one of his paint mares had foaled and finally, he had a filly foal. During my last visit I took the camera. The horses all graze near the quarry, hence their names Wilma, Fred and Betty. My father already had a...

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King of the Castle

We were driving along the road, near Custer State Park, and came across a group of Big Horn sheep fighting on top of a rock. After about ten minutes the winner emerged and took his place as sole occupier of the rock -- King of the Castle. To see more Camera Critters.

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Stand Tall

Today's critter is a Pronghorn, and this photo was taken at Custer State Park, South Dakota, USA. To view more Camera Critters follow this link.

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Mesa Verde National Park

My husband and I always find the squirrels fascinating when we visit the US or other places that have them. We took this shot at Mesa Verde in Southwest Colorado. I've also included a photo of some of the ruins since this is why people visit this National Park. It...

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Seeing Stripes

These are both older photos taken during our overland trip through Africa. They're scanned, hence the black around the edge of the photos. Zebra and Wildebeest in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Zebra, Zimbabwe. To visit other Camera Critters go here.

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Animals: Custer State Park

Today I'm posting two shots I took during our visit to Custer State Park in South Dakota. The first is a praire dog and the second is of a wild burro. The burros were released by miners once they were no longer required. This park also boasts the largest free-roaming...

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Birds and Four-legged Beasts

This week I have photos of two different critters taken during my recent holiday in Phuket. I think this is a type of Kingfisher. He sat very still while we kayaked around him and took lots of photos. We hired a tuk-tuk to go the a restaurant and watch the sunset....

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