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polar bears

Beary Exciting: Claws and Paws

I adore bears, but we don’t have any in New Zealand. In fact, we don’t have any large mammals, so I’m always interested in seeing bears in the wild whenever the opportunity presents itself. My Churchill Polar Bear series came to fruition after my husband and I visited...

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Other Animals on the Tundra #travel #Churchill #animals

The tundra has plenty of wildlife. It’s finding and seeing the birds and animals that is the tricky thing. Along with polar bears, we saw Arctic hare, ptarmigan, Arctic fox and an owl. Here are some pics of the animals we saw during our visit. This is a Ptarmigan. We...

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Exploring the Tundra #travel #Churchill

Most people who visit Churchill to view the polar bears go on an organized tour. The tour companies have special vehicles known as tundra buggies. They have huge wheels and are high enough off the ground for tourists to view curious bears without putting themselves in...

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Where is the Town of Churchill? #travel #bookresearch

Ask most people living in Canada or the United States and they have problems stating the exact location of the town of Churchill. As a New Zealander, I didn’t know anything about Churchill until I picked up a National Geographic Travel magazine. I flicked through and...

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