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Receipe: Mango, Feta and Avocado Salad

This year I’ve decided to try more new-to-me recipes instead of cooking the same old thing every week. To this end, I grabbed two recipe books from the library and started looking for enticing recipes.

The first book was Lorraine Pascale’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food, which I chose because I’ve seen her on the Food channel and enjoyed her recipes. It’s summer here in New Zealand, and with the abundance of avocadoes and other salad ingredients, I thought I’d start with a salad.

Mango Salad



Feta cheese

4 radishes

1 ripe avocado

Fresh basil

1 bag of salad greens or rocket

1 lime

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

To Make the Salad:

1. Place salad greens on platter.

2. Slice radishes. Cube mango, avocado and feta cheese and arrange all on top of the salad greens. Tear the basil leaves and add to the salad.

3. Dress with lime juice and olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Shelley’s Notes:

1. I didn’t have any radishes and improvised with some kobari (spelling?) It’s a large radish-like vegetable, which I grated. I think radishes would have been better for the crunch factor and the dash of color would have looked good.

2. Other than that, I enjoyed the salad very much and would make it again.

Revive Raw Salad

I visited one of the Revive restaurants in Auckland last week and had this salad as part of my lunch. It was delicious. On my arrival home, I checked the Revive cookbook I had and was delighted to find the recipe for the salad I’d enjoyed so much.

Revive Raw Salad


2 medium beetroot

4 carrots

1/2 cup sultanas

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

fresh mint to garnish

Orange Dressing:

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

4 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons honey

juice of 1 orange



1. Place the sultanas in a bowl and pour on some boiling water.

2. Grate the carrot and the beetroot.

3. Mix all the dressing ingredients together.

4. Drain the water off the sultanas. Add these plus the sunflower seeds to the carrot/beetroot mix.

5. Pour over the dressing, combine and serve.

Shelley’s Notes:

1. I think when I make this recipe again I’ll replace the orange with lemon because I like a less sweet flavor.

2. I reduced the amount of honey and salt in my dressing.

Do you have a favorite salad recipe?

Recipe: Tasty Pumpkin Salad

Pumpkin Salad

Pumpkin Salad


· pumpkin, diced in bite-size cubes

· cumin seeds

· cooking oil

· feta cheese

· chopped red onion

· olives, black or green

· can of cooked chickpeas

· green beans, sliced

· vinaigrette dressing [balsamic is really good]


1. Sprinkle the cumin seeds and oil on the pumpkin and roast in the oven until browned and cooked. Place cooked pumpkin in a large bowl.

2. Slice the onion and add to the pumpkin.

3. Add the drained chickpeas and olives to the pumpkin.

4. Boil the green beans until cooked and add to the pumpkin.

5. Cube feta and add.

6. Dress with vinaigrette, toss lightly and serve either hot or cold.

7. Vary the quantities of each ingredient above to suit the number of diners. Use lemon juice as an alternative to vinaigrette. Balsamic vinaigrette works nicely with this salad. Serve as either a salad or a side dish.

Shelley’s notes:

1. Substitute some of the pumpkin for potato or kumara (sweet potato). Sometimes I also bake small onions and cloves of garlic as well, which is very tasty.

2. This is a great dish for vegetarians or it can be used as a salad or side dish for meat-eaters.

The Mystery of the Mesclun Salad

Mr. Munro planted a tub of Mesclun salad not long ago. The tub sat outside our kitchen in a nice sunny spot. I even remembered to water it each day, and we’d started harvesting the leaves, eating them for dinner.

Then I arrived home to find this…

Squashed Mesclun Salad

Flat Mesclun salad!

At first I thought it needed water, but water didn’t help. I’d come back from a day out to find the leaves looking sick and limp.

Something clicked and suspicion started to bloom.

Bella, the puppy suspect!

This was my main suspect – Bella, the puppy.

Then on Saturday, I caught the suspect in the act. The first sun of the day shines on the tub of mesclun salad, and Bella was using the plants as a comfortable bed. I let out a shout, unfortunately before I snapped a photo to prove the crime, and she jumped off.

Oh, yes. She pleaded guilty. Her low, tucked tail wag was an indication of complete guilt.

Another crime solved by Shelley Munro.

Vegetarian Nicoise Salad

Earlier today I was browsing the cook books in Borders while waiting for Mr. Munro. This recipe for a vegetarian Nicoise-type salad caught my eye and I decided I’d make my version for dinner.



1 cup cous cous
1 cup boiling water
knob of butter or a little olive oil
sliced green beans
black olives
2 hard boiled eggs
salt and pepper to taste

Add boiling water and butter or olive oil to the cous cous and combine with a fork until the the cous cous has soaked up the water and is fluffy. Cook the green beans and drain. Chop the tomatoes finely. Chop the parsley. Combine these ingredients with the cous cous and arrange the quartered eggs on top. Add salt and pepper to taste. Drizzle with your favorite vinegarette dressing.

Verdict: Very yummy. I’d definitely make this salad again.