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Month: May 2008


Thirteen Things about RELATIONSHIPS This week I read about a British couple who have recently celebrated eighty years of marriage. I think this is amazing. Their story inspired me to search for ways to make a marriage last through the years. 1. Spend at least 10...

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Life and Transport in Cairo, Egypt

My guest today is Jenyfer Matthews who writes for Cerridwen Press. Her recent release, All The Way Home recently received a Golden Blush recommended read from Literary Nymph Reviews. The reviewer said, "In my opinion, a book as beautifully written, heartfelt and sweet...

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When I’m Feelin’ Blue….

Today's Thursday Thirteen is brought to you by the color blue. (because it's my favorite) Thirteen Things about BLUE 1. Blue is my favorite color. I like it because it's calming. There's nothing better than looking at the sky on a day when there are no clouds. The...

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Fishing up New Zealand.

I enjoy some of the Maori myths and legends. This one, telling of Maui and the birth of New Zealand, is one of my favorites. As with all legends, there are a few variations. Maui was a demi-god who possessed magical powers. Not all his family knew of his magical...

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Classic Romance Plots

Thirteen Plus Classic Romance Plots The secret of writing a great romance is to take a classic plot and twist it to make the story unique. Here is a list of the classic plot tropes used in romances: 1. Secret Baby - a pregnancy results from a romance and the father...

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Quips with Mae West

Thirteen Quotes from MAE WEST During the last couple of weeks I've tripped across lots of quotes by Mae West. Wow! She was a fascinating lady, and one who has left a legacy of some great quotes that cut straight to the heart of the subject, whatever that may be. 1....

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