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March 28th, 2013
13 Places to Visit in Sydney

Thursday Thirteen

In a couple of months hubby and I are visiting Sydney. It’s a great city with a gorgeous harbor and lots to do. I highly recommend a visit if you’re heading down this end of the world.

Thirteen Places to Visit While in Sydney

1. The harbor bridge. Walk across it, climb one of the pylons or if you have a head for heights, do the bridge climb.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

2. Do a tour through the Sydney Opera House.

3. Wander around Darling Harbor and have a snack or meal at one of the many restaurants.

4. Visit the Rocks area, once the home of convicts, but now full of shops selling crafts.

5. Catch a ferry and visit Manly.

Manly_The Beach

6. Wander through the botanical gardens and walk out to the point where Mrs. MacQuarie liked to sit, known locally as Mrs. MacQuarie’s Chair. It’s a bench carved out of sandstone.

Sydney Harbor View

7. Go swimming/people watching at Bondi Beach. Don’t forget to swim between the flags.

8. Visit Taronga zoo where the animals have one of the greatest views of the around.

9. Check out the art gallery or one of the museums. Lots of local artists.

10. Visit the Queen Victoria Building, an old restored building and now home to shops and restaurants.

11. Go to the Paddington Markets, which have been trading for 39 years. Open on Saturdays only and a perfect place to find that unique item of clothing or a souvenir.

12. Visit Hyde Park, the oldest park in Australia. There are loads of trees and plants for keen gardeners to exclaim over.

13. The Sydney Tower Eye, visible from most of the inner city and a great place to go for a 360 degree view of the city.

Of course, this is only a taste of the places to visit. There are lots of places outside the city such as the Blue Mountains and wildlife parks.

Which place would you visit first? If you’ve visited Sydney before what was your favorite part of the city? What would you recommend?

31 comments to “13 Places to Visit in Sydney”

  1. A lovely place.

  2. It is – a great place to visit.

  3. Gosh, such beauty. I would love to take a trip down under one day. I’d have to visit the Opera House first, I think, just to make sure I didn’t miss that.

  4. The opera house is so distinctive. It’s a real icon.

  5. Markets I’m market crazy

  6. I haven’t managed to get to the Paddington one yet, but the small one at the Rocks is interesting.

  7. Definitely the zoo. But I’ll probably hit the markets every day I’m there. :)

  8. The zoo is beautiful, and there are lots of Australian natives there, of course.

  9. Would the citizens of Manly object to me standing in town, pointing at the men and saying “Those are Manly men!”

    I wonder… ;)

    Happy TT!

  10. You would be best to hit Bondi to check out the lifesavers. Talking bronzed bodies…

  11. I’d head right for that beach!

  12. It was a gorgeous beach. Sydney has loads of great beaches. Take your pick!

  13. That beach reminds me of Hampton Beach in NH! Thanks for playing :-)

  14. Sounds good :)

  15. Wait. A bridge CLIMB? They actually let you do that?

  16. Yes, they do, but it’s highly regulated. You have to strip off and put on a special suit. Also, you’re not allowed to take anything up with you – hanky, camera etc. they take photos for you. You can climb up one of the end bits for free – lots of steps. The bridge climb is quite expensive.

  17. They sound fun! We’d love to vacation there!


    My TT is at

  18. Maybe one day, Paige.

  19. goodness, that’s a year’s worth!

  20. There’s definitely lots to do!

  21. Oooh. Your pictures are super. I want to visit and do everything on your list.

  22. I hope you get down this way, Mia. A week isn’t enough, that’s for sure.

  23. How awesome! I would definitely do that tower eye! Then do some shopping. :-)

  24. You can see the tower from all over the city. It’s very distinctive.

  25. Beautiful pictures. I think I would probably visit the Harbor bridge first…love that picture.

  26. It’s pretty awesome going out on a ferry and sitting outside to watch all the harbor area, the bridge and opera house. It’s a very picturesque city.

  27. I would love to visit Sydney, though I think I’d have to pass on the Tower Eye or climbing the bridge.

  28. There are lots of great walks that I didn’t. Mention in my list. You’d probably enjoy that more.

  29. I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand! Maybe someday. :)

  30. Sydney is definitely, definitely on my wish list. Can’t wait to armchair-travel along with you, though.

  31. My husband and I have always wanted to go to Australia. It looks like such a beautiful place. Thanks for the pictures and info, Shelley! :)