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Archive for May, 2014

Thirteen Strange Allergies


Many of our discussions this week have centered around allergies since our poor puppy has been very miserable with a mystery allergy.

I thought allergies would make a good topic for my TT this week.

Thirteen Strange Allergies

1. Money allergy – some people are allergic to the nickel in coins.

2. Vibration allergy – in some people the body mistakes the vibrations as an attack and the immune system responds with skin irritation, welts and rashes.

3. Mobile phones – can either be due to the nickel content or the low levels of radiation and microwaves.

4. Deodorant – sensitivity to the perfumes or other ingredients.

5. Water – experts believe those who are allergic, react to the additives in the water.

6. Shoes – some people react to the glue or resins or cement used to manufacture the shoes.

7. Underwear – some people are allergic to the fabric or elastic.

8. Kissing – kisses are okay, but if the person you are kissing has consumed something you’re allergic to there might be problems. A young Canadian girl died after kissing her boyfriend. The boyfriend had eaten a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

9. Sex – severe reaction to male ejaculate is possible in some cases.

10. Hormones – estrogen and progesterone can cause allergic reactions in some women. The immune system mistakes these hormones as bad and attacks as a result.

11. Heat – some people break out in welts and swelling after taking a shower or becoming too hot with excess clothes.

12. Cold – severe cold can cause itching and welts. Sufferers need to keep warm.

13. Computers – some people are sensitive to electromagnetic sources while others react to emissions from plastic casings.

I’m very lucky. I don’t seem to have any allergies apart from getting a slight runny nose when I go outside. It seems to invite every bug in the vicinity to fly into my mouth, but I can deal with that Open-mouthed smile

Do you suffer from any allergies?

Source: Online Nurse Practitioner

Thirteen Possible Hero Names


I’m currently rereading an older book that I’ve received the rights back for, and I’m updating/amending as necessary. As I do this, I’m also percolating the second book in the series.

One of my weird writer ticks is that I can’t start writing until I settle on my main character names.

I know a little about my hero, but his name is proving elusive.

He’s an alien prince and is first in line to the throne. He’s a good guy who always does the right thing unlike his younger brother. He’s very proper and correct, and some people might call him boring. Deep inside is a rebel, but he hasn’t gone as far as to walk outside the lines. Yet.

Thirteen Names I’ve Discarded for my Hero

1. Kieran

2. Florian

3. Gaile

4. Jermyn

5. Jagger

6. Niran

7. Nairn

8. Shanahan

9. Brecon

10. Devon

11. Timon

12. Thane

13. Oberon

I’ve tried all the above names for several hours, some for several days and none seem right for my alien prince. I want a name that’s unusual and alien sounding, yet one that’s easy for readers to pronounce.

Do you have any suggestions for my poor nameless hero?

A Lady’s Handbag

© Andres Rodriguez | Dreamstime Stock Photos

As my age advances, I’ve started on the road to a handbag obsession. I’m almost frightened to admit it, since Mr. Munro will read this blog and use my admission as evidence to hold against me at a later date.

I own four bags at present – a black Guess bag, a pink Guess bag, a small black clutch purchased from a local chain of stores called Collette and a black canvas briefcase that my husband received from his employer. I commandeered it and have used it so much the color has faded, but it’s perfect to tote around my laptop and iPad.

Now four handbags aren’t many in the scheme of things, but each time I go to the mall I visit Collette store and check out the new arrivals. There are so many pretty colors. I have to hold onto my credit card very tightly because it’s busy whispering seductively to me. “Let’s buy it,” my credit card is saying, but so far, I’ve remained strong.

So what do I carry around in my handbag?

At present, I’m doing a lot of writing and I’m mostly using my briefcase. It contains:

  • my wallet
  • my prescription sun glasses
  • my Kindle
  • my library card
  • a container of TicTacs
  • a small makeup bag with a comb, lipstick, lip gloss and tiny mirror
  • a couple of paper napkins
  • my netbook
  • my netbook charger
  • a backup thingie
  • an umbrella since it’s winter
  • some business cards
  • a pen
  • a small notebook
  • my cell phone
  • small spray of glasses cleaner

Quite a lot of stuff when I see it in a list. No wonder my bag is wearing out.

How many handbags do you own? What do you carry in them?

13 Items of Wickedness

Thursday Thirteen

In honor of the blog hop I’m currently participating in, today I’m all about wicked. See the post below to join in the Wicked Nights hop and go into the draw to win a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Thirteen Wicked Things

1. Wicked is the name of a novel by Gregory Maguire. This book has been turned into a successful musical stage show — the untold story of the Witches of Oz.

2. Wicked Wee Dump near the Hump is the name of motel accommodation in Fiordland National Park in New Zealand. I’ve never stayed their before but it looks lovely. Nice area for walking too.

3. According to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary wicked means…

morally very bad

4. or… fierce or vicious as in a wicked dog.

5. or… roguish as in wicked impersonations.

6. or… disgustingly unpleasant or vile as in a wicked odor.

7. or… going beyond reasonable or predictable limits or exceptional quality e.g. throws a wicked fastball.

8. The word might originate from Middle English. It’s thought the word is an alteration of wicke or it could be from Old English wicca.

9. The first known use of the word was in the 13th century.

10. Synonyms include black, dark, evil, nefarious, rotten, sinful, bad, wrong, villainous.

11. Antonyms include decent, ethical, good, honest, just, moral, sublime, virtuous

12. The Urban Dictionary says wicked is a slang word that adds emphasis. The synonyms are really, extremely and very. e.g. that tune is wicked hot.

13. Check out this recipe by New Zealand chef Annabel Langbein for Sticky Date Pudding with Wicked Toffee Sauce. Definitely sinful and wicked.

Have you seen the stage show Wicked?

The First Meeting: Leo and Jocelyn


I’m visiting Jill Hughey today where Mistress of Merrivale is featured. Read about the first meeting between my hero and heroine, Leo and Jocelyn.

My post at Jill Hughey’s blog

13 Facts About Trolls


Later this year, hubby and I are doing a cruise of the Baltic region. One of the stops is Oslo, Norway, a place I didn’t know much about. Research and deciding what to see is always part of the fun for me, and I was intrigued to learn about the combination of trolls and Norway.

Thirteen Facts About Trolls

1. If you Google trolls, at first you’ll come up with lots of websites about internet trolls, which are a different beast all together.

2. The trolls I’ve been researching live in the mountainous regions or woodland regions of Norway. They’re known as mountain or woodland trolls.

3. These days they are a shy creature and there is great debate as to their existence.

4. Several places in Norway are named after trolls such as Trollfjorden, Trollveggen, Trollstigen.

5. Trolls are huge and ugly. They’re scary but according to local lore they’re a little stupid, and a clever man or woman can use this to manipulate them.

6. Trolls are one beast that a romantic woman should not attempt to kiss. She will not find a prince but rather a filthy creature with long, entangled hair. The troll is more likely to eat her than attempt to exchange a kiss.

7. It’s very difficult to discern reality from myth and legends, especially since there has been no documented sightings for some many years.

8. Some people say trolls possess shape shifting powers, so perhaps this is why they’re so good at eluding people. Maybe your best friend is a troll in hiding.

9. I understand trolls are mammals and they live to a great age – anywhere in the range between 1000 – 12000 years old.

10. Like vampires, trolls have a bad reaction to sunlight. Younger trolls turn to stone while older trolls explode on exposure to sunlight.

11. Whenever you see electric pylons in Norway, especially in isolated mountainous regions, they’re probably not there for electricity but are electric fences used to keep trolls within their territories.

12. Trolls are mostly seen on moonlit nights.

13. It’s very important not to make an enemy of a troll because they’re good at revenge. The best advice I can give is to keep in good standing with any trolls you might meet or you’ll be very sorry.

Have you visited Norway? Have any tips? Do you have any experience with trolls?

This is War!

Grant's Gazelle

Grant's Gazelle

My husband took these photos in Kenya. The two Grant’s Gazelles were calmly standing there, gawking at tourists, then it was war! The tourists were forgotten as they got down to the important stuff of exerting dominance.

Life is a bit hectic in my world at present, and until things settle down, I’m going to blog twice a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays – instead of every day.

See you tomorrow Smile

Red Rabbits


These red rabbits were part of the sculpture trail at the local Budhist temple. I loved the contrast of the red and green though I nearly fell over at the price. They wanted $700 for these little rabbits.

Later today, at 12:00 pm, I’m over at Coffee Thoughts Blog taking part in the Unusual Professions afternoon. I’m doing a contest, which goes live around 3:00 pm.

How was your weekend?

Thirteen Things That Would Make A Perfect World

Thursday Thirteen

I stole this idea from Next magazine, one of our local glossy ladies’ magazines. It’s a tongue-in-cheek list of things that would go toward making a perfect world. I picked my favorite ones from their much longer list.

Thirteen Things That Would Go Toward Making a Perfect World

1. If the best things in life were actually free.

2. If we had the confidence of a 50-year-old with the body and face of a 30-year-old.

3. If being kind burned calories, and reading made you fit.

4. If offspring did as they were asked.

5. If there was always a pen when you needed one.

6. If fertility increased with our readiness for children.

7. If wine made you smarter.

8. If sexy men really were interested in the beauty within.

9. If someone discovered 50 “never seen before” episodes of Friends.

10. In the same vein, if someone discovered new episodes of Firefly. Loved that show!

11. If there was one charger for everything.

12. If sun didn’t burn but simply highlighted your hair.

13. If 3D printers could make you a husband.

What would make your world perfect?