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House of the Cat

House of the Cat, Box Set (Books 1-3)

Cats in outer space.

Aliens kidnap troubled jockey. A plot to overthrow the royal family. Aliens visit Earth for Christmas. Read all about it!

House of the Cat is a clan of feline shapeshifters from the planet Viros. This box set includes the first three paranormal romances in the series: Captured & Seduced, Claimed & Seduced and Merry & Seduced.

In Captured & Seduced, Ry Coppersmith, a pirate shapeshifter with no knowledge of his heritage, struggles with his sudden ability to turn into a black leopard and his consuming attraction to the female jockey he and his crew have kidnapped from Earth. There is no time for missteps in this action-packed adventure as he and his crew run from the law and plot revenge on Ry’s stepbrother, a wizard who isn’t afraid to use his magic to win.

In Claimed & Seduced, Prince Jarlath Leandros is heir to the House of the Cat and the king and queen are pushing him to choose a suitable mate. For once, Jarlath is digging in his heels and following his heart, which is leading him straight to Keira who is from the House of Cawdor—their enemy. Can enemies become lovers during war-time? We’re about to learn that the heart wants what it wants and new friends can become lovers. But consequences…oh, yes. There is always a cost for every action.

In Merry & Seduced we’re back with the crew of the Indefatigable as Ry keeps his promise to Camryn and takes her home for Christmas. This time, the visit to Earth isn’t as clandestine and the entire crew make friends with Camryn’s family. A cyborg and an Earthman—an inter-species romance? Enjoy this holiday romance as the crew experience a New Zealand Christmas and a billionaire businessman learns that family is just as important as money.